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Rent money

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Rent money: Hey guys. I need some help paying rent. If I don't pay 1500 by Tuesday I will be getting

Hey guys. I need some help paying rent. If I don't pay 1500 by Tuesday I will be getting evicted. I currently don't have any money and I have recently lost my ATM card and have some bills I need to pay. Is there anyone who can help me out or know how I can solve my problem?
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last Christmas with Santa at home

I'm kittens I wrote "last Christmas with Santa at home". I keep getting emails saying I have responses and emails being sent to me discussing help for Christmas but for some reason I'm not able to access any of them except one but now I can't find that lady that knitted clothes. So please contact me off of Aidpage through my email one on one. Please! Thank you. Kittens
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Almost in tears

Doorknob broke I can't call landlord.I owe him too much money.Trying my best to put off him comng over here.If you can't help us financially would ya at least pray for us.
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help please

still in great need of help very bad sayin prayers to get help

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Starving artists need urgent help for food and rent. Please give us a hand...

I know you must read something like this everyday, but I´m a starving artist. My friend and I have a film project we are trying to get produced, and we invested every penny we had in the trailer for the film: and in the promotional materials to get sponsors. We have some promises of funding, but for next february or march. We are broke, we urgently need money for food and rent so we can wait for the money for our film to finally come in next year. Please help us. You will be rewarded by life or god, if you believe on him. Thank you.

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About nikki_k

I am a single mother who just lost my job. I am about to be evicted...please help! Nikki

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About realdeal30

Me and my wife recently lost our jobs and got real behind on rent, we are really good law abiding citizens who can really use a helping hand right now, my total rent due is 850 dollars and i have about 200. if anyone can please help us right now i dont want to be living on the street. If anyone can help i promise i will pay you back. If you can send paypal my email address is Thank you so very much for listening to my story.



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About debralou

I am a single mother that recently lost her job. My boyfriend is an alcoholic. I have been planning to move out but now that I have no job I don't have the money. I need money for an apartment, moving expenses, lights, water, etc. Please help me and my son. I have put in several applications for a job, but haven't heard back from any as of yet. Thanks for listening. Feels good to unload this burden. 

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About blackcatstuff

My car recently broke down and I had to use my rent money for repairs.  I'm $550.00 behind in my rent and I need help before things get out of control.  I have tried charities but you have to have an evicition notice.  It would be great to get help before I am out on the streets.  With the car repairs and the high heating and electrical costs (which I'm behind in) it is hard to dig out of a mess.  Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

PS The picture is of a dog that was rescued after collapsing in the middle of the street, I'm her human now.

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need money for December 1st rent

I have been out of a job since September...been on mamy interviews.  I did a few free lance gigs...but that just covered last months rent and food.  I have earned a few hundred dollars since November 1st....but I desparately need $850 to pay me rent.  I am confident that I will find a job by mid december.  I have a roommate....and rent must be paid on time.  I am depressed and feel so ashamed that I cannot make my rent.  I have no family that can help me....I don't eat much...and sleeping is not an option with so much stress on my mind.  If anyone can assist me.....I'd be so honored and thankful.  You could write the money order directly to my landlord or roommate.  I thought I could earn enough account has a balance of $150.


thanks for reading, happy holidays.

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Help with Rent-England

Help with your rent

Need help with your rent or mortgage payments? Fear not: here are a few ways of securing financial help.

Social fund - help with rent in advance

The social fund is a system by which people on low incomes may receive payments and discretionary grants or loans for needs that cannot be met from their regular income. Payments are made by Jobcentre Plus. If you are leaving residential or institutional accommodation, need help to stay in your own home, have had an unsettled way of life, or are facing exceptional pressure, you may be able to get a Community Care Grant.

Social fund payments are often very hard to get but it is still important to apply. If you are turned down you have a right to a review where the decision may be overturned. You may receive a budgeting or crisis loan instead of a grant. Remember that if you are offered a loan you will have to repay it from your weekly benefit.

Contact an advice agency for help with claiming a grant or appealing against a decision. For further advice contact your local Citizens Advice or housing advice centre.

Housing benefit

Housing benefit is money which enables people on low incomes to pay their rent. You can claim housing benefit if you are 16 or over and whether or not you are working or claiming income support. It is not available to full-time students, unless they have children or a disability.

To get housing benefit you need to fill in an application form which you can get from your local council. The council has a duty to make a payment of housing benefit within 14 days provided they have received all the information and paperwork requested. They will need to see proof of all your income and savings as well as a copy of your tenancy agreement.

Your age, the number of people in your household, the rent you pay and your income, will also affect the amount of housing benefit you will receive. It will not cover charges in your rent for water rates, heating or hot water.

If the rent you pay is high, then the housing benefit section of the council may restrict the amount of money you receive. Always ask the council to assess the maximum rent they will cover for a property (called eligible rent) in advance of signing an agreement. If your housing benefit does not cover your rent, get advice.

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lou lou  

About lou lou

I am asking where I can go to get help for myself. A 58 year old woman that  has come across that USA due to beingh hit and my house bombed. I need help in a way thaty I never know before and if anyone has one thing to help me with than please to so. At this time I have no clothes, money for rent, money for bills, or I am just broke to the bone

If any one can help me with advise of what to do and where to go than please tell me. I would greatly like any advise at this tim,e I can get

Linda Bingham

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About mojo968

i am in need of money to pay for my rent . i just lost my job and i am in danger of being evicted... i have to small children... i could really use the help

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Gerard Mesidor  

About Gerard Mesidor

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connecticut mom of 5  

About connecticut mom of 5

hello my name is shannon sullivan i am a 36yr old recently single mother of 5 from willimantic connecticut . on october 9th 2008 i was addmited to windham hospital for a emergency surgery for a blood clot to the heart and while i was in the hospital caught mrsa which got me 2 more surgerys. i have no income now and a long recovery ahead of me as it stands we will not be able to have christmas and it is looking like we will be evicted from our home . it will be at least febuary or march before social security will help me and by then we will have been

destroyed .the worst part is all i can di is sit here and watch it happen as i am still very ill .

if there is anything anyone out there can do for us please conntact me at thanking you in advance god bless you all the sullivan family

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Don't Know What To Do....

I talked to my landlords today, even though they are good people, I think even they are getting a little impatient with me not being able to pay rent. I have payed every month on the dot, till  now. Things seem to be piling up and work is to hard to get. Not just a good job any job! I am now to be $1,070.00 behind! Don't know what I am going to do.....

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Hello Rosie

I am ill with celiac and a tic born illness which went untreated and has become chronic and has caused me to get a diagnosis of dysautonomia. The doctors where im from will not treat me, so I am trying to get help seeing a doc out of state. I'm desperate here.

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About camnchloe

Hello Everyone, I am a 28 year old mother of two small girls. I have been ill for four years and only getting worse. all I want is a little security for my kids like everyone else. Right now we are gonna get our gas shut off, our car taken and possibly evicted from our home, because my fiance was laid off. We need help right now desperately! Someone please help in any way. Christie

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About charlene9117

It's the 24th of september and i owe about 2000 dollars in rent. my husband just got a decent job but we can't seem to catch up with the rent and the month is about to be over. we just don't know what to do? what should i do???

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About akw1976

My Familly has been through some tough times over the last few years one after another once we get back on our feet we are hit yet again with a big problem :( we are in need of help with our rent and utilities asap and we make (get this) too much for the county to help. I am at a loss and dont know what to do. Please if anyone has ideas or can help that would be great ty
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